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The City of Lu'an, nicknamed "Wanxi (West Anhui)", is located at the northern foot of Dabie Mountain. It is now the central city of the Dabie Mountain area. At present, there're two districts, five counties and two provincial development zones under its jurisdiction. They're Jin'an District, Yu'an District, Shouxian County, Huoqiu County, Jinzhai County, Huoshan County, Shucheng County, Lu'an Economic and technological development zone and reform pilot development zone. The city consists of altogether 188 townships and 8 neighborhood committees with a total area of 17,976 square km and a total population of 6,649,000. There're 29 nationals in Lu'an with Han as the majority. The minority ethnic nationals accounting for 0.7%, among which Hui is the largest minority ethnic national. In 20...
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"After visiting Mount Huangshan, Mount Emei, Mount Lushan and Mount Daishan all over, you'll find the water in Tiantang is the best", which is the tourists'praise of Tiantang Zhai.
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